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So i recently inteoduced myself on our Instagram page @glowapparels  (please go follow if you haven't already) where i talked about being a registered nurse and my love for nature and fashion. 

I have always wanted to do something that would combine the 2 and this shop has given me that opportunity!

I decided to use as many nature spots as possible around Houston  for my photo shoots.  So far, I have been to a place that has alligators and snakes  (super glad I didn't see any that day), and a park with lakes.

Well today I did something different. It's also something I have always wanted to do ; graffiti photo shoot! I didn't plan to do that today but the location we were looking for has been moved to another place and this was close by. This is somewhere downtown Houston on canal street. 

Check out the photos bellow ... 



You can shop this look at our store. I decided not to include specific links so you can have the freedom of shopping around the store and choosing what you want without having a single link that takes you only to a single item. Here goes ...


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