Jeans and T shirt...Ready Set Go!

Hi and welcome! 

I am just glad to know so many of you are reading the blogs! Thanks for your messages via our contact email and I think I fixed the comment problem and comments have been enabled now.

Our OOTD is just some good ol jeans and t shirt! 

That is actually my go - to outfit for so many reasons but here are a few...

- easy going 

- always available 

- you can't go wrong with it 

Also, T shirts are super expressive! Whatever t shirt you have on can be a representative of who you are especially when it comes to those with inscriptions on them!

So make sure what is written or drawn on your shirt is actually something you like! 

See our OOTD bellow. The black t shirt and jeans on both photos are from our shop and we have plus sizes too.

The link to shop the afro shirt and similar Afro shirts, caps and more is also attached. 



The link bellow is to check out some of our denim/ Jean collection including rip jeans, floral jeans, slim fitted jeans and more . Different colors and all sizes.

You can check out more denim clothing and other outfits at our store bellow.  

Click bellow to view the afro shop for more afro shirts , hoodies and more. 

Thanks once more...

Until next time 



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