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Guess what? Shopping just got easier for you! 

First of all, thank you for stopping by... I am super excited about this fashion adventure we are about to take on!


I promise to make it a very fun one too...(wink)

This shop is for everyone. You like jeans? we got you! A dress or skirt kind of girl? we still got you. Every style, every outfit, for every woman, and if you don't find anything you like after your first visit, come back in a few hours or the next day because we are constantly adding new styles and products!

Also, have you noticed our products for men and babies ? We are constantly updating those too!

We are constantly improving and evolving and we are glad you will be taking this journey with us.

I am sure you have had enough of the word "constantly" by now...but..oh well lol.

We have a stylist team with exceptional taste in fashion who are also available to provide free styling advice and how to mix and match your outfits. They can also provide advice on what to wear to which event , work, and more.

We promise to keep you informed on all the latest trends and to make it easier for you to shop them, we will add a direct link on each post.

We hope you come back soon to read our next post...Happy shopping!


oh by the way, did you like the outfit above? here are more photos for you to take a better look





Feel my excitement yet? Well part of it was fear of not being bitten by a snake!

If you love the look then you are in luck because we just so happen to have these products! Don't like this particular style? it's okay! We have different types of jeans, tops, and boots and different colors too! please feel free to email us for matching and mixing outfit ideas.

Please follow the links bellow to shop the above look with a different color top. The muffler was added because it was really cold!







Thanks for reading and we hope you come back again. I intend to also include a little bit about my experience with modelling the outfits and photo shoot destinations! Let's make this fun! 

until next time, 



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